The National Observatory

The Observatory of the Italian language is an organization with the goal of defining the course of Italian studies, planning individual strategic actions, and coordinating all of the activities aimed at the development and the diffusion of the language and the Italian culture in the United States.

The Observatory also has the responsibility to specify the objectives, to establish the times of achievement, to publicize the initiatives of interest, and evaluate the results achieved.

A. Structure:

The Observatory is structured in three action groups:

1.  Teacher Group: with the task of the identifying the initiatives and the incentives for teachers of the Italian language in the United States; and of identifying the research, innovation and formation in the sector of teaching methodologies.

2.  Student Group: with the task of identifying the best ways to inform family members, schools and students of the opportunities offered by studying the Italian language in the United States.

3.  Communication Group:with the task of collecting and publicizing online, the information on the diffusion of the Italian language in the United States, creating an information platform of dialogue, between the interested parties and the teachers in particular, for the reciprocal support and the updating and exchange of ideas.

B. Composition:

Members of the Observatory are representatives from the Italian Embassy, the Italian Consular Network in the United States, the Managing Authorities of Italian and culture courses, the principal associations of the teaching of Italian in the United States, from the major Italian-American organizations, and from Italian and American universities.

For the list of members click here.

C. Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is intended to support and develop the AP Program in Italian so that it will meet the objectives envisioned by the Agreement with the College Board.