Dall’Aula alla Stazione Radio: Imparare ‘In Diretta’.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Antonella DELL'ANNA, Arizona State University

pubblicato su: AATI Online working papers AATI Conference Siena, 2015


Language Students' Radio Broadcasting

The focus of the paper is on a radio program broadcast by the Italian students on Italian news, sport, music and culture. The project has been made possible by the collaboration between the Italian Department and The Blaze, a radio station operated by students with the supervision of faculties of the Walter Cronkite, School of Journalism at Arizona State University.

The purpose of the Buongiorno Italia radio show is to develop students' proficiency outside the traditional classroom through authentic material and media primary sources; to apply students' expertise in language and culture to a professional setting; to develop students’ civic engagement; and, finally, to creatively promote Italian courses and culture, among students and radio listeners.So far, this has been a successful initiative of language learning and teaching, advocacy, and collaboration. The show –broadcast live from the campus speakers, online, and 1330 AM,-is helping the students learn more about Italian language and culture, and the instructor reach out to  new students and the community

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