Comparing nine world language teacher preparation programs within and across three states

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Published in  NECTFL REVIEW, n. 72, 2013


Comparing nine world language teacher preparation programs within and across three states

Susan A. Hildebrandt, Illinois State University

Anne Cummings Hlas, The University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire

Kelly Conroy, Western Kentucky University


This descriptive study examines the diverse requirements and characteristics of world language (WL) teacher education programs across and within three states. Comparisons are made based on No Child Left Behind’s (2002) highly qualified teacher criteria, states’ licensure or certification requirements, and the ACTFL/NCATE (2002) program standards. This article provides a comparative overview of traditional WL teacher preparation programs at the federal, state, and university levels. The discussion explores common and diverging requirements among programs across three different states and within each state, with the goal of promoting further dialogue regarding WL teacher preparation practices.