Rock me, Leopardi! Italian Poetry via the Contemporary Music of Baustelle

Francesco Bianconi, lead singer and writer of the contemporary Italian music band Baustelle, has produced over six successful albums as well as have contributed in other distinct musical and lyrical collaborations with other artists throughout the past 15 years.  Bianconi has also recently produced the soundtracks for two recent Italian films and has published two popular fictional books revolving around the universal themes of love—which is often unrequited— the hopelessness and futility of life, and the overall crux of one’s being. Bianconi cred

Class Project: Learning Through Opera

One way to refresh Italian language curricula, particularly in the second year of college study, is to consider a content-based instruction. Opera may appear to be unsuited to the early years of college language study. The librettos, with the exception of a few phrases, are not a linguistic model for someone trying to communicate in modern Italian. However, opera can indeed be effective and enjoyable when approached thematically.

“Music in the Italian Language Classroom: Hitting the C(ulture)”

This presentation highlights Music in the Italian Language Classroom as a Communicative and Cultural tool that can be used to help students Connect and Compare across Communities in meaningful, task-based, goal-oriented ways.  Through the use of carefully selected songs, presented and supported in pedagogically sound ways, students are given the opportunity to communicate in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes.

Songs, Music Videos and Interviews: Precious Tools for Teaching Authentic Culture in Italian language courses

In my beginner and intermediate level Italian courses at Dickinson College, I regularly use music and interviews as ways to connect with students and teach them Italian culture in a fun and captivating way. Most undergraduates love music and, of course, so do students of Italian. My students come to class, walk on campus and exercise while listening to music. They even study with music in the background! Since music accompanies young people throughout their day, I have strived to make music an essential part of my classes.