AP Program Guide 2016-2017

Saturday, July 9, 2016

AP Program Guide 2016-2017


Important Changes for 2016-17

AP® Courses and Exams

What Is the AP Program?

The AP Year: An Overview

Organizing Your AP Program

Obtain a College Board School Code

Offer Authorized AP Courses

Enroll AP Students

Designate an AP Coordinator

Complete the AP Participation Materials

Ordering AP Exams

Exam Ordering Deadlines for 2017

Order AP Exams

Order Exams for Students with Disabilities

Order Exams for Home-Schooled

Students and Students Whose Schools  Do Not Offer AP

Order Alternate Exams for Late Testing

Collect Exam Fees

Rebates for AP Coordinators with Large AP Programs

Administering AP Exams

Check and Store Exam Materials

Preserve Exam Security

Choose Proctors

Select Testing Sites and Testing Rooms

Obtain Special Equipment

Return AP Exams

Pay for AP Exam

Download the AP Program Guide 2016-2017